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Dear visitor

All good things most come to an end. And now the end has come to my involvement in this site. The simple reason is that I don't have the time anymore. Work, family and a new (old) house has taken all my time,energy and then some.

As a last update I have made a messageboard where people with problems can post. I hope you will find it helpful.

This site will stay active at least the next couple of years.

Thank you for all the nice mails over the years. I hope I have helped  just a little bit ...



A couple of years back I bought a NetCell Revolution SR5103 5-PORT SATA RAID Controller on eBay. The card is fast, is supported by the recent Linux kernels and runs without drivers in both XP, Vista and Windows 7. A perfect setup for a guy like me who runs Ubuntu 8.10 but also have a Windows 7 - Beta 1 install for fun!

Unfortunately NetCell went out of business shortly after I bought the card and closed their website. That fact became a nasty problem for me when I had to reinstall my system and found out that I didn’t have a backup of the necessary files.

After the reinstall I spent a lot of time searching the Internet for especially the Storage Manager program. I got lucky on the Maximum PC forums (highly recommended: link) where I got hold of a quite recent version of the firmware and Storage Manager.

To help others in a similar situation I made a primitive version of this website. Since then I have recieved almost all the most recent versions of the official programs and a lot of other interresting info about the Netcell cards.

In the Downloads section you can see what I have now and in the Missing section you can see what I am still missing. In the Ekstra info section there is more information supplied by other users who have contacted me over the years.

Once again thank you to all who have contributed.

And remember: Backup is a good thing ;-)

Latest news

11th May 2009
The last update ...

th January 2009
Small changes and cleanup, added some contact information and some info on Windows 7 compability.

th July 2008
Added a section with pictures and more information under ekstra information and user to user help.

th April 2008
Added two new sections and more info in the extra section. Corrected several small errors and some more HTML clean up.

th December 2007
Added more information in the ekstra info section and corrected several small errors. HTML clean up.

4th November 2007
New files in the download section plus a lot of small corrections.

12th August 2007
Lots of new files in the downloads section.

29th July 2007
Link to cheap cards at

28th July 2007
New page goes online.


Sadly I havn't the time anymore to answer mails. If you have a problem try the new forum at:

Thank you and good luck!