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Ekstra information
Windows 7
I have tested the card on Windows 7 beta 1 (build 7000) and it works fine. I have not yet had the chance to test if Storage Manager works on Windows 7. Please share your Windows 7 experiences in the new forum.

No Vista support

Storage Manager dosn't work on Vista. The program installs nicely but dosn't supply any information on the defined arrays. At least on my Vista 64bit setup.

A former NetCell employee is at the moment testing private releases of the firmware and storagemanager program to see if this is the case with all known versions. More information will follow!

Linux SMART check
You can use the SMART function in Linux to check if your drives are ok.

As root you write:
smartctl -H /dev/sdaX (where X is your drive number)

If the drivers are in good shape the command returns something like "test result PASSED". Otherwise "FAILED".

There is no way to know wich drive is defect. No rebuild without
rebooting and 1.5.x firmware. Thanks to Philippe TEMESI for that.

NOT compatible (card won't boot) with Western Digital 750GB SATA WD7500AAKS

NOT very compatible with the motherboard: Abit Fatal1ty I90 HD. Will only boot Core Duo 4400 (2 Ghz) if clocked down to 1.66Ghz. Thanks to Mark Davis.

LED pinout information
Patrick Mills have sendt me an updated layout diagram of the pinouts. This gives an better idea of how to connect you card to your HD LED indicator. Thanks to Patrick!

Storage Manager and XP guest accounts
Ian Blumgart have informed me that you can't activate and guest account in XP and use it with Storage Manager installed. Storage Manager fails to initiate. Thanks to Ian.

PCIe version of NetCells cards
Apparantly NetCell made but never published an PCI-Express version of the card. Silent Knight sendt me an product brief of the card. He wrote in his mail:

“I downloaded this PDF shortly after their website went active and when the company was making headlines or in other words, it's early days. But with in a few months of downloading it, Netcell removed any traces of it from the website.”

Look in the pictures section for a picture of the PCIe version.

Interresting article in CPU magazine
CPU magazine ran an article on the Netcell cards back in 2006. No benchmarks but still some interesting info. Check it out here. Thanks to Ben.

More information will follow!

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