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I frequently get technical questions from visitors here on the site. Unfortunately I am not always able to answer them. Therefore I have decided to post all unsolved questions here. Please mail me an answer/tip etc. if you have it. The section will only have value if everybody chips in.

Thank you in advance.

Q: Support for partitions over 2Tb
James M wrote the following question:
Do you know if these cards support a volume/partition over 2Tb in size?  I have 2 of these cards and just purchased 5 750Gb western digital sata drives and want to make one large partition.  I tried and it seemed to create the array fine through the initial set-up before booting, but when I get into windows (2003 server), I only saw a drive that was 698Gb in size???  It was set up as raid 3 automatically since I used all 5 drives.

A: I got this answer from a former NetCell employee.
Yes, the card should work.
I have a video server set up with 5 - 500 GB SATA drives.
However, I believe that Windows XP home has a 2TB file system limit (2^32 512 byte sectors).

Q: Slow rebuild
I have had several reports that the rebuild function is extremely slow.

A: I got this answer from a former NetCell employee.

Sadly its just a fact of the firmware/hardware. The rebuild process has many checks in place that slow down the rebuild process but they are there to maintain data integrity etc. Trying to make the rebuild process easy for the average consumer and allowing continued access to the data during rebuild don't go hand in hand with a fast rebuild.

In other words: Be patient it will finish eventually!

More will follow!

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