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Here are pictures of different NetCell cards. Not all went into production!

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Picture 1:

Top: 3 port, 64 MByte cache, 32 bit PCI
Buttom: 5 port, 128MByte cache, 64 bit PCI

Picture 2:

Left hand side: Engineering Prototype of "NC1x3" - standard "NC4x4" PCI/PATA board with 'interposer' to convert to IDE interface for Ho (connector on bottom right side of card).

Right hand side: Shipping "NC1x3" with IDE or FireWire connectors to host and on flip side (of two board set) 5 SATA disk ports.
(Note headers at top and bottom of left side of board for hardware debug)

(Functional note: For IDE interface to Host system to work realiably, IORDY must be used by host system; which most new host systems do NOT).

Picture 3:

Top red board: 3 port SATA with only 4MByte cache (small square chip to right of Netcell chip) with 'paddle' card for serial debug port hookup.
Right side: 2 green boards - 3 and 5 port SATA with only 64MByte cache.
Left side middle: 3 external, 2 internal SATA ports with 128 MByte cache.
Left side bottom: 5 SATA, 128 MByte cache, 64 bit PCI.

Picture 4:

Top board: "TROI" 5 port native SATA, 128 MByte cache (2 memory chips on backside), 64 bit PCI.
Bottom board: "NC4x4" chip with PCI-e to PCI bridge chip, 1 PCI-e lane, 5 SATA, 128 MByte cache.

More information will follow!

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